28 October 2010

liver cleanse and 3rd day of fasting

the 2nd liver cleaning yesterday went good, better then the first one. only 3 little stones came out. deep dark green ones. my liver seems to be quite clean;) but puh, i feel weak today. dizzy and without enegry...made some light stretching and pranayama in the morning, wich felt good. just finished an enema and will see what this day has in store for me...
well, 9 hours and 30min later:  this day included sunbathing, pool jumping, audibook ('who am i and if so how many') listening, intense siesta making and 3 liters of water. also i decided to avoid the internet while progressing with the fasting, i will retreat into my refuge. the writing online would be to much of a distraction...but i 'll be back friday the 5th of november with more details, an insight of a 10 day water fast.

25 October 2010

3 days no electricity

but lots of meditation and affirmation. to day was my first fruit day: a lot of organge juice in the morning, 1 pinapple,  some apples, maracujas and a pear, some bananas and goji berries....so full i am still and i is 6pm already...tomorrow i will drink loads of coconutwater and make another liver cleanse, then 10 days water fasting...we will see how that goes....i send love to all of you. have a happy week. besos

22 October 2010


21 October 2010

another hint

christian opitz, ernährung für mensch und erde
grundlagen einer neuen ethik des essens
isbn 3-929 475-07-3

christian opitz was born in Berlin, germany in 1970. at age five, his IQ was found to be one of the highest ever measured and at age six, he began to study physics and biochemistry. in 1983, he was diagnosed with a disease doctor’s labeled incurable, which compelled him to direct his focus on holistic healing. over the next years, christian opitz developed a new integrative theory of health based on quantum physics and fractal mathematics. In 1989, he began a successful career as an author, lecturer, and inventor of health products. he has since developed a groundbreaking new approach called "original radiance health systems", which integrates live food nutrition, whole brain functioning and depth psychology. christian opitz is on board of the directors of "project theo humanity", which provides new, mature paradigm of emotional healing and spiritual enfoldment and is also involve in various environmental projects.

20 October 2010

2month raw vegan!

i feel good, maybe a little bit tired right now. i said good bye to roger and tanja at around 7.30 am as there are flying back to berlin today. after they've left i did some yoga, made a breakfast shake: 1 maracuja, some sprouted sunflower seeds, 1 apple, some salad leaves and parsely, some goji berries and orange juice and took delivery of the stuff from the veggie man who comes every wednesday, but soon we will have so many different fruit falling from the trees everywhere that we don't need to oder anymore.
that's me;) on the picture there after a day of work in the cave the other day. puh i tell you, heavy machinery and loud explosives...working with stone replaces every gym. since i am here i lost another 2-3 kilos. i left germany with 73kg, now i am about 63kg...i can't believe that i lost 10 kg since july. i don't miss them though;) and the knee is also happy...

18 October 2010

fruit, tree, flower and general transformation


If you think total personal transformation is too hard for you, then think again. We can all transform. Just ask any passing butterfly what she used to look like.

17 October 2010

once i piked a card

    awareness is as nature - whole, spacious, free.
    is there some way in which you've 'collapsed' your conciousness and
    contracted your being? if we collapse our being into a thought or story of
    'me' and 'my life', or get caught in the endless mind-trap of trying to
    understand, we become the very thing we focus on. stop the story. stop
    asking why. stop trying to figure it out. stop blaming. stop wheelspinning.
    just stop!
    choose spaciouseness. soften the contraction; let your awareness expand
    spaciously in front of you, vastly behind, becoming free and open to all
    sides. rest as a vast, spacious, expansive presence ...
    your true essence. ask, 'who am i?''whose story is this?''what is this drama
    appearing in?'and let yourself fall into the wordless expanse of your
    own being.

for my german friends

argumente für vegane rohkost oder vernüftige gründe einer fleischfreien kost
von debra, kremer und linden erschienen im debra selbstverlag, treviris 2005
isbn: 3-8334-2155-X

nichts wird die chance auf ein überleben auf der erde so steigern, wie der schritt zur vegetarischen ernährung.
nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.

albert einstein

15 October 2010


be genuine!

besides eating

i meditated last night and in the morning- it was really good. taking time for a meditation can mean so much...i had a rather good day yesterday- negativ thoughts and tears, it was an emotional, menstrual moody kinda day...thomas, my 'guru' ( he is no guru, but i like the word, maybe not so much the meaning, but anyway) we talked 3 times alone, since i am here, mostly in the night in his house, where he lives with his wife and daughter. you could say these talkes where some kind of counseling. we get along well and i realized some things about me i didn't really want to accept for some time...but things are different now. everything changes. for the sessions i gave him a one hour, full body massage today. very intuitive and it was appreciated. giving the massage in a heated room made me sweat a lot...it felt good to sweat and it's very important for the detox as all the salts get washed out...i felt really good after that different kind of exercise. the last days i sprouted some sunflowers seeds and today i thought it's time to plant some of them, about 30 little sprouts, to make seedlings...please send out growing powers to them!...some sprouts i just put around the path near the waterfall and the pool...we'll see if they make it.
i am walking around a lot these days, more or less pain free. the terrain here is quite rough though, a lot up and down...put it is ok. although the knee is more swollen again, i guess it's due to the climate too.
definitly i will stick to meditating and moving more.
soon i can help blow up some stones in a mountain to built a mediation cave...i won't be here when it's finished but helping to built it will be fun too;) i've never blown up something.

colors and taste

as long as roger and tanja are here i can not and don't want to say no to bad food combining; this wonderful looking food tastes amazing.

13 October 2010

the dreamcatcher

i read the dreamcatcher again today, as it was rainy and cold outside and i felt like reading something else for a change;)
i remembered that my aunt gave me this book before i went to australia in 2003....i started it, but never finished it, maybe because it was not my time to understand the story... i was living my own down under story at that time.
now, today all the memories came back...arnhemland, the garmafestival....oh, what a wonderful time that was.  i am so happy this book was waiting here for me...now i understand.

10 October 2010


my plane took off to paraguay at 10 to 10 today. have i arrived?¿ not yet...long journey ahead....it has been a long day with AY lot of new impressions of a new amazing place, where i will be living for a while. sounds, words, voices,  smells, waters, air, views, tastes, animals, ... all different....am i ready for soak it all in...yes i am! can i comprehend it all?- no. i felt energetic almost all day...on fruit and water until dinner at around 6pm there i eat pickled egglant- and cauliflowerpinapple salad with driedrawseedbread,  some fruitshake and bananacacaoavocadocream with sundriedcoco...wow, what an mouth full of taste made by a couple from berlin. yet, trying to pay a lot of attention on food combining lately i started to read the book raw secrets and wasn't so sure at the beginning, if i could enjoy the food prepared with all their haert tonight with all my heart, but i did;)...infact i couldn't stop and it felt good. my digestion was fine with it aswell;)so far. as i am writing about food, this topic will come up too of course...but for now i will go to bed without my loved one, but surrounded by a lot of nature, meditative jungel noises and a vast sky full of stars...buenas noches, my you also rest well where ever you are. get a good night of sleep. que descances und gute nacht.

09 October 2010

happy oh happy day

for angels #2. one year anniversary breakfast...mh, what can i say. it has been a beautiful day so far...the sun, the sky the air, the food and i am all excited about tomorrow. a 100% raw from tomorrow on...wow. desipte of what i wrote i granted myself with an organic, soft-boild egg today, some quinoa with raw shitake mushrooms, salad with lemon-tangerine-nori dressing and a glas of champagne for lunch. oh ya, we feel so spoilt today...it all tasted amazing. some weird transition food. i know...i send love to you all; next time i'll be posting from the paradise. abrazos a todos.

08 October 2010


"one by one, sometimes bold, sometimes hesitant, sometimes demanding, sometimes faltering, they emerge - individuals. people, with voices, faces, eyes. people with hope. people without hope. people still fighting. people with all the courage squeezed out of them. people with stories." (lorena hickok)

liver cleanse

i took this picture last week, when i did my first liver cleanse. the night after i drunk the oil-grapefruit mixture was intense, but the next day only 5, really dark green stones came out. i more or less followed the cleanse by hulda clark. i won't describe the hole process here now, but in 2 weeks i will do another one and you'll get all the details. i've found a step-by-step introduction by moritz and will try this one. you might try it aswell and give your liver a break...

a doctor speaks to doctors

watch this inspiring presentation and let me know what you think. it's bold, clear, honest sharing-
a service to humanity, if i may quote angela stokes here, because i found the vid on her blog.

07 October 2010

busy with

- sacred geometry
-"the all is mind: the universe is mental"
and preparing for my raw food experience in paragay. 3 days to go!!!
since i was waiting almost 3 weeks for an impotant letter from my lovely flatmate andrea in germany and a parcel from the states...i am happy now that all seems to come together before i leave, because yesterday it both arrived at the same time. what are the odds?
actually i was visualising the letter in the box for some days and bam, it was just there. the parcel my friend sent from the states only took like 5 days...the letter 3 weeks.mhmhmh
anyway, now i can pack up all the goodies i will take to the paradise:
e.g. sunflower and chia oil and seeds, sesame oil, some herbal tinctures, almonds, spirulina, water kefir, an enema bag;-), bardana (arcticum) and (bancha) green tea, alfalfa seeds for sprouting, coconut soap, essential oils, a body brush, many kisses from mariano and off i go...
10.10.2010 at around 10am my journey to a rawsome state of mind will officially start.
i am so curious what the following month will bring out in me; am i on a path of healing my mind, my soul, my spirit, my body? oh ya baby i am...

01 October 2010