since the 20th of august i haven't eaten any animal products. i don't miss eating meat at all. eggs and goat cheese maybe from time to time. but the cheese here, no thank you. i prefer to sustain the cravings and it works. some friends wrote me:" mel, do you really want to give up all cooked food forever?"
right now, i have to say yes. i want to stop eating the way i ate before to find out what my body is capable of. since i changed my diet i feel lighter, i become lighter...i lost about 7 kilos by now.
but there where some days, especially at the beginning, when i thought i do not eat enough, or didn't get all i needed but with only eating veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds i really do get what i takes some time to realize that.
to change your diet isn't easy-but your body will thank you for it fast. i had bad headaches when i was in the 2nd month of my standard arthritis medication. you start with one pill a day the first week, the second week two and so on, up to 4 pills a day. in addition to that i took an awful lot of antiinflammatory pills every day, to be able to move and do stuff. i felt bad taking all these pills. i had to get my blood tested every 2 weeks and become very concered. when i started to eat differently, with the thought of detoxification in mind, it didn't make so much sense to keep taking the pills as i wanted to treat myself with food as medication, not with pills!!  so i stopped. what happend then?
i went to see a homoepath that day. i wanted an opinion from another health practitionor, also about my new plan on going raw. he supported the idea and also said that he doesn't believe my arthitis is genetic or chronic. he recommended to stop taking the pills. i din't feel any change right away,  actually i realized that i wasn't really good in figuring out what i really do feel. physically and mentally i felt a lot of pain for a long time and now i started to become very eager to learn to listen to my body. after 2-3 weeks i started to feel less pain, the headaches where gone and the knee felt better. it is still swollen now but i feel less pain and compared to the month before it is just so much better. on the 20th of september, exactely one month into my vegan, raw, gluten free diet, i did my first colonic ever. oh man, what an experience!! i had enemas before, but that was diffferent. i did 2 more, the 3rd one last week compined with a liver cleanse. you can not imagine what comes out there, but you better want it to be out. because of all the abandonment of processed foods, refined sugars (also brown organic sugar; it's no difference), animal fats, alkohol and smoke, my sensiblity has totaly changed. it reminds me of a time, when i was living with my beloved friend jess. she became pregnant after a year we where living together and she transformed into a kind of super being, packed with all the instincts, we've forgotten to use. she was so sensible to emotions, she literally could smell them. it was a very magical time and now i am experiencing this amazing sensibility, especially for smell. it's amazing what i can smell now and how it makes me feel. the smell of something cooked e.g. doesn't make me want to eat it, but it makes me fell blissful. BUT from the smell of fumes e.g i feel bad in an instance. besides all the improvements, there are other emotions and feelings and i need to deal with them. like i said changing your diet is not easy. you get more sensible but you also get more sensitive. food and cooking play a big role in our lives and preparing food, cooking always played a big role in my life and now i am not cooking anymore. i learn a lot of new things and they can be overwhelming. when you detox your body you also detox your mind and what comes out of there is as unpleasant as the other stuff coming out of you more or less regularly. i've found good support and when you are asking questions they will be answered. if you've got good's not so tough.
well, finally i wrote something about the start, changes and emotions...i tried to sum it all up now instead of giving you a post every couple days. i wasn't able to do that at that time, but in paraguay i will be more consitant with the posts. with that said stay tuned. besos y abrazos