24 November 2010


feel and be it all. it is what it is. neither good nor bad.
it's an experience.

the best carrot juice

mercado rodriguez the best carrot juice ever!!!

more of la paz...

so many super foods and super skirts in la paz;)

and definitly to much bread;

on the way to la paz-bolivia

in the bus from santa cruz to la paz...
started in asuncion monday 8pm, arrived in santa cruz the next day at 4pm

passing thruh el alto

it's not true, that you can't cure diabetes. if you change your life steyle, your diet
it's possible to cure every disease!

at the "witches" market in la paz. i arrived after 30 something hours in the bus,
had mad altidude sickness the first to days but coca tea really does help,)

23 November 2010

the crew

the house, the crew, my last sunday at el paraiso before my 3day trip to la paz

the last one
the sun shined and shined and shined

13 November 2010

for now...


almost last sunset in paraguay. todo tranquilo.

12 November 2010

sunbread sweet and spicy

bananaflaxseedbread, flaxseedveggiebread

oliver and i where making lots of sunbread the last days. why? because i need some goodies for my travels...ya, mel is on the road again! i will make my way to la paz via santa cruz on monday night...why? on the day i broke my fast i got a mail saying, that i can volunteer at la finca de vida in costa rica; this place is an amazing health center in the mountains of south costa rica and i was offered the opportunity to work alongside chris kendall, a raw food chef from the states. this job will have  a massive, positive effect on my raw food journey...i can smell it,
 i can feel it, i just had to say yes...so that's why soon i'll be
                                                                                                                         packing my 
                                                                                                         bags and start hitting the road going


my love sent me the picture on the right last night. it's about a year old. oh my, shocking!!!

09 November 2010

being grateful



spent the last 2 days in asuncion after 4 weeks of junglelife... i had mixed feelings about the trip but asu is a nice, relaxed kinda city and i stayed with a beautiful big paraguayan family;) am grateful for another great experience!
'at the market in asu'


05 November 2010

breaking the fast on day 11!;)

i broke the fast with the wonderful, tasty water of a coconut in the morning after a little yoga and mediation session. soon i will eat a very heavy and juicy watermelon-mhhhh. my tastebuds are so happy today!!! also my heart is very happy as i got a wonderful e-mail this morning.  this e-mail definitly was a great fastbreaking present in addition to all the great tastes i am experiencing again;) and soon i will fullfil a dream of mine! bless this day! love to you all. besos



playing a role at a theater show in july at uni. over eating and eating everything was quite normal for me. despite you can see a melon there, believe me i ate everything!


after 2,5 month on a raw and vegan diet. this was the 7th day of my water fast. i felt like jumping around all day.
the 8th day and i felt amazing. this day i had a wonderful moment with a tiny little colibri, these birds are so cute and colourful and courios. he flew around me, observating me for a minute or so, he came closer and closer, showed no sign of fear. he was just a curious little bird saying hello.

03 November 2010

day 9;)

hola again, it's not quite friday yet but well, the internet doesn't care so much about wich day it is and i do not feel overwehlmed by posting while fasting anymore;) i feel good! i am progressing with my fasting and tomorrow is the last day, so i thought i give you a little inside in what has happend inside and outside of me. well, i had some amazing days and intense insights. including how strong love is, how important it is to be open to everything, that somethimes it's more important to care what comes out of our mouth than what goes in to you mouth and that it doesn't really matter if my knee is swollen again! i am happy and blessed that i am able to take my time and give my body the time it needs to heal.
i had some really good conversations, experienced imense openness and started with new energy in this present day. the fasting goes surprisingly well, although it's a challenge-no doupt about that!!!
i stopped with the enemas for 2 days but today in the morning after dealing with the fruit and veggie guy i made a little one again. how can i descripe this enema experience? should i even discribe it? let me put it this way. it was an incredible experience to see, literally, what the body discharges after 8 days of fasting. i mean we clean EVERYTHING daily. everything in our outside world, but what is with our INSIDE???
the colon is so important for our health and i didn't know many people in the past how took care of there colon much, i mean it's nothing you speak about, right?! but way is that?
think about it and let me know. love and besitos mel*
soon you'll see some before and after pictures;)