my name is melanie lotos, it's the 28th year of my life and recently i was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthrisis. although i was brought up with the knowledge of holistic healthcare and know of it's benefits, i went to all diffrent kinds of doctors. why did i think i'd find help, reliefe or even cure in convetional medicine? the reason for that and far more important, the reason why i got sick in the first place is, that i forgot about some very important facts. that our thought really make up our reality! that doupt is a lair! that thruth and true health lay within us and that we are the creators of your lifes!
i lost faith in living the way i believe is the best for me. i lost faith in my abilities, faith in my goals, faith in myself. i doupted so much, for such a long time until i was unable to move!
but i was moving all the time...travelling to 27 countries and 128 cities in the last 9 years...i didn't wanted to stop.
last year i've met a very special person (or he found me, in a club in buenos aires) and we fell in love. we spend 6 very intense month together. after returning to germany, i continued with my studies, started a new job in a little restaurant and spent a lot of time on skype;) things seemed to be fine...but soon i was confronted with the diagnosis. i kept moving; i knew i wanted to be with the person i fell in love with and about 4 weeks after the diagnosis i flew back to argentina to be with my loved one for 2 month- that was the plan. i am very grateful that my boyfriend is so supportive and understanding and also became very interessed in nutrition but besides that he has an amazing big heart, he is full of love and he lets me feel that. i met him last year on a different continent and now he is still at my side, at this dificult time and we are growing thruh all i am going thruh right now and that feels amazing.
the first weeks in buenos aires, surrounded by love, i started to do some research about alternative medicine, somehow i stumbled upon a channel, than someone from couchsurfing posted this amazing hooping video, my reply was: so good! no more hiding! he replied: THERE IS NO HIDING IN THIS UNIVERSE! in that exact moment, when i read his message i realized that i was hiding, hiding from myself!
i needed to get back to stop worrying, doupting and questioning. but how can i do that? i needed to change, so to start somewhere i stopped taking the "normal" , standard medication, quite smoking and drinking, i stopped eating animal products. i made some radical changes, fast. maybe to fast, we'll see. but i truely believe that only radical changes in my diet will change my hole being, my hole experience in the long run. i rediscovered shazzie and the world of raw chocolate. i forgot all about it or better i didn't see beyond the chocolate at that time...until now. more and more people in the raw food world inspired me. angela stokes-monarch, lou corona, ani phyo, to name a few.
i decided not to go back to europe, but to stay in south america, to find a place where i can go deep and heal myself, where i can live close to nature and of it's abundance. meanwhile i have found such a place and soon i will be detoxing, healing and living in paraguay.
the following months i will document this process of detoxification, change and healing...starting with the transition from cook to uncooked, vegan, raw, living food. if you want to know about my physical and mental transformation follow this blog and you might find out. i hope you get inspired and support me on my journey to a rawsome state of mind.