communicative ability and personality. spontaneous,
sees things others might not. hard working. not affraid
of criticism. not the biggest fan of photoshop but knows                       
how to use it. loves people, teamwork, photography
travelling, food...

Sonnenallee 24
0049.30 24 32 08 48
mobil: 0049.         
skype: melotos

·      28 years ago i was born on a farm in the Black Forest as the first child to Karin Domogalla, yoga teacher; ayurveda massage therapist and Markus Göbl, orchid lover.  2,5 years later i bacame big sister to Sascha Benjamin Göbl, dog trainer.

·      We almost moved to Portugal for good, when i was about 4, que pena! the marridge failed and we went back to Germany.

·      I've attended many different schools  in my childhood and choose to live  in a  boarding school for music and sports  from 1996 to 2003.
In this time i was very lucky to be able to travel to Egypt and India with classmates and their families native to these countries.

·      After finishing  my A level in 2003 i traveled intensively in Thailand, Cambodia and Australia/Arnhemland;) 2003-2005 always interested in different cultures and their foods.

·      2005 i  became a student at the state School of Arts and Design in Karlsruhe, where a completed my Pre-Diploma in Photography.
I realised a photo and food exhibition about Eckart Brand and his old sorts of apples grown in the north of Germany.

·      I continued to travel food and art related ever since and have seen most of Europe, Iran, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brasil, Costa Rica and Argentina, where i met my partner Mariano Merzaroli, musician and system administrator.

WorkHistory ArtRelated + SelectedExhibitions

·      Szenographer/Set designer, "Littel Memento", shortfilm, 2007

·      Assistant to Barnaby Furnas, ZKM, 2007

·      Szenopgraher, „Enthusiasmus und Skepsis – ein Abend über Maria Callas“ Performance, HfG, 2007

·      Assistant to Keiko Sei, 2008, HfG

·      Photographer, Freelance, Paraguay/Costa Rica, 2010 

·      Cinematographer, Dettinger Frühlingserwachen, 2011, Dettingen


·      Black Box Sreening/ Köln 2005, Budapest 2006

·      Play*/ Gruppenaustellung, Wien 2006

·      "How to look at Venice",  Gruppenaustellung, Venedig/ Karslruhe 2007

·      1234567, Sommerloch HfG, Karlsruhe, 2007

·      Manifesta 7, Festival/Performance, s23k, Piratbyrån, Bolzano, 2008

·      Haip, Festival/Performance, s23m, Piratbyrån, Lubiljana, 2008

·      Festival/Performance, s23m, Piratbyrån, Belgrad, 2008

·      Iran, A Mood Piece, Sommerloch HfG, Karlsruhe, 2009

·      Venice Biennale, Embassy of Piracy, Magazini del S.A.L.E, Venice, 2009

·      Anne, Theater/Performance, Sommerloch 2010 HfG, Karlsruhe

·      Białowieża, Gruppenaustellung HfG, Karlsruhe, 2011

·      Dorfpunk TV, Gruppenaustellung, Dettingen/Internet, 2011

WorkHistory FoodRelated + References

·      Waitressing:  Melbourne, Alice Springs, Garma Festival, Arhemland, Port Douglas 2004,  Karlsruhe 2005-2010
Andrej Roczek:  0049.721.844.955

·      Private Chef (Weddings and  other Events)
- Johanna Gleußner:  0049.721.588538777,
- Fam. Metschen, El Paraiso, Paraguay
- Jody and Brain Calvi:  Finca de vida, Costa Rica
- Chris Kandell: the banana commander

Good day,
my name is Chris Kendall. I write to say it's my pleasure to provide a letter of reference for Melanie Lotos Göbl. I was asked to act as head chef for a Raw Transformation Retreat at Finca de Vida in Costa Rica In Nov/Dec of 2010. My regular flow is that of a Raw food lifestyle coach as well as a raw vegan chef and author of raw recipes books. Melanie contacted me to let me know she would be working by my side. Within first meeting her I felt at ease, comfortable and confident we would get along and work well together. In full honesty Mel's skill and originality in the kitchen brought us together as co chefs. Within 12 days we developed a well oiled ebb and flow consistent more so with months of working together.  It was fully my pleasure to be accompanied by and blessed with Melanie's presence. I know she will only enhance and light up any team or event she joins.
Wishing you much peacelovenseasonalfruit