30 September 2010

green is good

wouldn't you want to try such a green juice? oh, i love this color. always have and always will and now i am drinking it! oh, yours is not as green as mine....but don't mind the color of your juice. it's good for you also if it's brownish or greyish.... mine actually was pretty, pretty green it only got greener when i started playing with photoshop;) the greener the better, so now go and make the greenest juice ever!

friends and words

24 September 2010

thoughts and words

oh my, who do i think i am? i am a messy...before i can work on this blog and my own detoxifacation. i have to detoxify my computer...there are files on here i have no idea what they are and the worst thing is that i have no space to work on the videos or even to save pictures.... by the way i am a media arts student in the 8th semester or so, ya right and i bought my first portable hard drive in july this year. i think it's about time i make some kind of order here...it's about simplification, right!¿ i have to learn to be and think more simple...i was so worried about how i am able to post what happend the last month when i decided to go vegan and raw and all that, that i hardly posted anything. what i want though is to document a process via a blog, i want to inspire other people but therefor i need to accept that it's also a process of me learning how to work with my computer in a diffenert way then before... i need to go step by step - so the next step would be the detoxification of my laptop. don't ask me how i was working with my laptop before. it was messy i can tell you that...

23 September 2010

breakfast for angels. i made this for mariano. fruits with mangococo sauce and fresh squeezed orange juice. ...mhmhmh. for myself i made a smoothie but it didn't look so good as this;)

14 September 2010

another day. another green smoothie...a ripe banana, half a pear with almond milk and the juice of one orange, one apple and clover leaves. I added ginger, cinnamon, chia seeds and
spirulina. With using spirulina i have the impression that it
helps to decrease the withdrawal symptoms at the beginning of a detox

09 September 2010

the book has arrived

  i ordered it a couple weeks ago and on the 8th of the 9th of the year 2010 it finally arrived. i started to read a bit about the liver clease in the back, because that is what i want do a couple times before i'll live in fairly remote area in paraguay.
today i started to read the book from the beginnen and already the introduction gave me goosebumbs. it's like robert morse is sitting right next to me and tells me about his experiences of life.
although i just started to really listen i recommend the detox miracle sourcebook to everyone (who cares).