08 September 2013

The Rainbow Farmer and Pictures form the Past

Pictures from the past!

Heirloom Apples in the Old Land near Hamburg, Germany

Finkenwerder Autumn Prince

Lemon Apple
Schöner von Boskopp

These pictures where part of my pre-graduation exhibition in 2008 called
'Search for the Finkenwerder Autumn Prince'.

Since my raw vegan journey begun in 2010 I've talked about my apple exhibition a lot,  but haven't shared/shown much of it.

So much of my art is only data on my hard drive.
Pictures in folders.

I can't repeat the past!
But I didn't only made art for myself or my professors back in art school;)

My Master Exhibition was about Raw Foods and Healing and i enjoyed the process of setting up The Institute for Health and Happiness.

Old Car workshop where i set up my Exhibition
The Institute for Health and Happiness.

the inside of the institute

Objects i've found or purchased on my travels over the years.
I love being in the wilderness and the happiest when i can call nature my home.
Nature has always been my refuge. 
friends looking at pictures: "dull and dead - colorful and alive"

friends watching video work about dr. clement 


objects from nature and people in nature

picture of a a holy cebo tree and wheatgrass

mother and daughter

" everything you want is probably outside your comfort zone otherwise you would have it already"
Jack Canflied

What am i sharing now?
My life is also my art and i am sharing what i explore and how i am (a) being!
How i am evolving!

While reading my friend Aimee's Blog post on The Rainbow Farmer.
I realized that am still hiding on so many levels!
I might hide less then before, but it's like i am a tide spiral. Ready for the sun light;)
(Aimee's words)

I started studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) beginning of this year with the goal to built a career as a Health Coach.  To make enough money to travel and to live in a warm climate all year round. I am moving forward to pursue this goal.

When i attended the IIN live Conference in may, exactelly one year after my exhibition 'The Institute for Health and Hapiness'  I ended up wearing a button that said I AM AN AMBASSADOR FOR HEALTH AN HAPPINESS.

I knew, that i am at the right place and that i can trust in the PROCESS.
You can have an idea but you never really know how it all unfolds.

Currently I am in the planing of my first retreat. The beautiful Jenee Hallick aka fruitygypsy and my wonderful mother Karin Domogalla will be part of this Sisterhood adventutre.

My friend Beate Epp, owner of Casa Axis Mundi will open her doors for a WOMEN EPOWER WOMEN retreat in Mexico in December.
Next week I will post more information about the retreat on my website

From my heart to yours*
Love and delight

The destination is just the reason to focus so that you can have the journey.- Abraham-Hicks

07 January 2013

fruitful raw in mexico

fruit with faces market 23 cancun

mel on love

more fruit

so lovely but not for eat

ah finally real fruit;)

 love bananas

oh ya bananas

and more 

a pile

of pineapples

sweet sweet

as are they;)

14 June 2012

a day on just fruits and greens again....in the big city

hello lovely poeple,

finally and successfully i finished university with an exhibition called "The Institute for Heath and Happiness" (the website is coming soon).
Now I'll work more in the restaurant until heading to the WOODSTOCK FRUIT FESTIVAL in Albany (USA). I am so happy, excited and grateful to be able to go and work there with such amazing beings.

the last couple of month i haven't been fully Raw, while working the lunch shift in the restaurant i need to try my cooked vegan dishes (3 courses) which is fine to me most of the times as i am only working part time. on my days of i am on raw fruits and veggies or steamed veg. sometimes also cooked yams,  brown rice or other whole grains like for example spelt.
anyway, i love my fruits and fully raw days....
today i had such a day and i felt great and full of energy, which was good as i had a lot of appointments all over the place in the city.
after a day of 9 hours traveling around via bicycle and subway i feel exhausted but so aware.

it amazes me, that only after 1 day of only fruits (mostly persimmons and bananas and in the afternoon a big salad of spinach, kale and cucumber with a red bell pepper-persimmons dressing)   my senses were so sharpened again.
especially my sense of smell!!!!!

in berlin it tents to be quite windy most of the time, so the air seems fresh. unfortunately today there was not much wind so the exhaust gases where hanging in the streets.
so on my way home i really could literally feel all the toxins in the air with all my body- it was very unpleasant and exhausting. i had to concentrate and center myself so as not to feel noxious.

now at home i felt the need to express these experience and feelings, first to my boyfriend when just entering the door of the house and now here in my blog, which has been asleep for quite a while now.
it just feels so good to have written it down.

sending love and beets from berlin to all the truth seekers out there
saludos melotos*

Ps: on the train i was reading 'Creating Healthy Children' by Karen Ranzi and it was just amazing to soak up all this information. I am so happy to meet her in person soon;)!!!!

05 March 2012

more fruit

pear, apple, orange, physalis with apple juice, cinnamon, cyenne pepper, spirulina and chia

28 February 2012

physalis power

fruit of today
pre-lunch: half a grapefruit and 100g of physalis. yumyum!

20 February 2012


I am excited to say that today marks my 29th birthday :)

 I feel so very grateful to have made it this far into the game and today wanted to  honour and send gratitude to three of my most constant companions on this journey so far: my body, my mind and my spirit...
*Dear Body - I am humbled by your resilience, your forgiving nature, your desire to live and thrive despite whatever comes your way, your strength. When I consider the traumas and challenges you have experienced over these years together, I feel both a sense of sadness at all that you have endured and also such a huge sense of gratitude for your perserverance through this all. I love and honour you with deepest respect and appreciation - you are the vehicle through which I currently get to participate here on Earth and I desire to do my very best to help you stay strong, present and healthy for the rest of the game here.
*Dear Mind - now where would we be without your incessant commentary, chatter and observations? ;) Thank you for your insights, your humour, your creativity, your kindness  and all the funny little games and tricks that you share... While I am saddened that for so many years you were immersed in a mostly other-than-uplifting stream of input/feedback loops on which to reflect and co-create, I am sincerely delighted to now note how rich, gentle, generous and playful your presence tends to feel. Thank you for your flexibility, your willingness to let go, your attention-to-detail and your clarity. May I do my best to help you stay clear, positively-orientated and supple in the coming years...
*Dear Spirit - thank you for your profound gifts of intuition, honesty, care, resilience and upliftment. Thank you for reminding me so gently through all the challenges that you are here, that I have support and that all, ultimately, is well. I breathe deeply with gratitude into the space that you hold here and honour your desire to connect, share and help inspire others. Thank you for your sincerity, directness and gentle reminders that it's all just a game...may I do my best to bring us all along safely, happily and healthily as this game continues to unfold...

It is fascinating to me, to reflect on the various elements that apparently go to make up "me" - we seem to be so multi-layered, multi-faceted, complex in some way...each part with its own role(s) to play and contribute, intermingling to create the impression of one unit from the outside... Personally I am very grateful for all the parts that go to make up "me" and currently contribute to the flow I am experiencing here, which I enjoy very much and feel blessed to be co-creating... 

So, as I set off around the sun again this Wednesday on the anniversary of my "Birth-On-Earth", I breathe a deep breath of appreciation for every part of my being and radiate brightest blessings throughout my whole energy field and beyond, to all of YOU - may you all feel and acknowledge the blessings of your life flow here and truly appreciate the wonder of these embodied experiences - enjoy... :)
thank you angela for this text- i made it my own and use it as loving affirmations to myself, my body mind and spirit!