14 June 2012

a day on just fruits and greens again....in the big city

hello lovely poeple,

finally and successfully i finished university with an exhibition called "The Institute for Heath and Happiness" (the website is coming soon).
Now I'll work more in the restaurant until heading to the WOODSTOCK FRUIT FESTIVAL in Albany (USA). I am so happy, excited and grateful to be able to go and work there with such amazing beings.

the last couple of month i haven't been fully Raw, while working the lunch shift in the restaurant i need to try my cooked vegan dishes (3 courses) which is fine to me most of the times as i am only working part time. on my days of i am on raw fruits and veggies or steamed veg. sometimes also cooked yams,  brown rice or other whole grains like for example spelt.
anyway, i love my fruits and fully raw days....
today i had such a day and i felt great and full of energy, which was good as i had a lot of appointments all over the place in the city.
after a day of 9 hours traveling around via bicycle and subway i feel exhausted but so aware.

it amazes me, that only after 1 day of only fruits (mostly persimmons and bananas and in the afternoon a big salad of spinach, kale and cucumber with a red bell pepper-persimmons dressing)   my senses were so sharpened again.
especially my sense of smell!!!!!

in berlin it tents to be quite windy most of the time, so the air seems fresh. unfortunately today there was not much wind so the exhaust gases where hanging in the streets.
so on my way home i really could literally feel all the toxins in the air with all my body- it was very unpleasant and exhausting. i had to concentrate and center myself so as not to feel noxious.

now at home i felt the need to express these experience and feelings, first to my boyfriend when just entering the door of the house and now here in my blog, which has been asleep for quite a while now.
it just feels so good to have written it down.

sending love and beets from berlin to all the truth seekers out there
saludos melotos*

Ps: on the train i was reading 'Creating Healthy Children' by Karen Ranzi and it was just amazing to soak up all this information. I am so happy to meet her in person soon;)!!!!