14 January 2011

check this!!!

here you can see and listen to chris and me about preparing raw food at finca de vida in costa rica*

13 January 2011

time time time...the clocks are running fast

the new crew (left to right)
joseph from germany, nahuel from argentina/spain, reinhilde from begium, thomas and claudia from the paradise, turia from germany and mariano and me from argentina;)
the proud bananahunters

first dinner 2011 @ el paraiso
hola my friends
well, haven't been here for a while. needed some off time. the job in costa rica was amazing but also quite exhausting. maybe also the travelling back to the south....ecuador-lima-la paz...
i had problems again with my knee..was not pretty! the doctors in la paz thought i had an thrombosis...luckily i hadn't. but to find that out it took some weeks of medication again doctors and all that. i was frustrated. i thought all was for nothing...but that's not true.
i was only 3 month into my healing journey, and the change of my diet and i took on a long trip to volunteer and that was just to much. after working at the farm of life i didn't give my self enough time to relax and went hiking for some days...all together i overstrained my leg. it is better now and i am back at el paraiso, this time with my love mariano. we are happy and will enjoy his holidays here... i am learning more about raw food and preparing dishes everyday for the people here. it is great fun;)