24 September 2010

thoughts and words

oh my, who do i think i am? i am a messy...before i can work on this blog and my own detoxifacation. i have to detoxify my computer...there are files on here i have no idea what they are and the worst thing is that i have no space to work on the videos or even to save pictures.... by the way i am a media arts student in the 8th semester or so, ya right and i bought my first portable hard drive in july this year. i think it's about time i make some kind of order here...it's about simplification, right!¿ i have to learn to be and think more simple...i was so worried about how i am able to post what happend the last month when i decided to go vegan and raw and all that, that i hardly posted anything. what i want though is to document a process via a blog, i want to inspire other people but therefor i need to accept that it's also a process of me learning how to work with my computer in a diffenert way then before... i need to go step by step - so the next step would be the detoxification of my laptop. don't ask me how i was working with my laptop before. it was messy i can tell you that...

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