12 November 2010

sunbread sweet and spicy

bananaflaxseedbread, flaxseedveggiebread

oliver and i where making lots of sunbread the last days. why? because i need some goodies for my travels...ya, mel is on the road again! i will make my way to la paz via santa cruz on monday night...why? on the day i broke my fast i got a mail saying, that i can volunteer at la finca de vida in costa rica; this place is an amazing health center in the mountains of south costa rica and i was offered the opportunity to work alongside chris kendall, a raw food chef from the states. this job will have  a massive, positive effect on my raw food journey...i can smell it,
 i can feel it, i just had to say yes...so that's why soon i'll be
                                                                                                                         packing my 
                                                                                                         bags and start hitting the road going

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