10 October 2010


my plane took off to paraguay at 10 to 10 today. have i arrived?¿ not yet...long journey ahead....it has been a long day with AY lot of new impressions of a new amazing place, where i will be living for a while. sounds, words, voices,  smells, waters, air, views, tastes, animals, ... all different....am i ready for soak it all in...yes i am! can i comprehend it all?- no. i felt energetic almost all day...on fruit and water until dinner at around 6pm there i eat pickled egglant- and cauliflowerpinapple salad with driedrawseedbread,  some fruitshake and bananacacaoavocadocream with sundriedcoco...wow, what an mouth full of taste made by a couple from berlin. yet, trying to pay a lot of attention on food combining lately i started to read the book raw secrets and wasn't so sure at the beginning, if i could enjoy the food prepared with all their haert tonight with all my heart, but i did;)...infact i couldn't stop and it felt good. my digestion was fine with it aswell;)so far. as i am writing about food, this topic will come up too of course...but for now i will go to bed without my loved one, but surrounded by a lot of nature, meditative jungel noises and a vast sky full of stars...buenas noches, my you also rest well where ever you are. get a good night of sleep. que descances und gute nacht.

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