20 October 2010

2month raw vegan!

i feel good, maybe a little bit tired right now. i said good bye to roger and tanja at around 7.30 am as there are flying back to berlin today. after they've left i did some yoga, made a breakfast shake: 1 maracuja, some sprouted sunflower seeds, 1 apple, some salad leaves and parsely, some goji berries and orange juice and took delivery of the stuff from the veggie man who comes every wednesday, but soon we will have so many different fruit falling from the trees everywhere that we don't need to oder anymore.
that's me;) on the picture there after a day of work in the cave the other day. puh i tell you, heavy machinery and loud explosives...working with stone replaces every gym. since i am here i lost another 2-3 kilos. i left germany with 73kg, now i am about 63kg...i can't believe that i lost 10 kg since july. i don't miss them though;) and the knee is also happy...

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