15 October 2010

besides eating

i meditated last night and in the morning- it was really good. taking time for a meditation can mean so much...i had a rather good day yesterday- negativ thoughts and tears, it was an emotional, menstrual moody kinda day...thomas, my 'guru' ( he is no guru, but i like the word, maybe not so much the meaning, but anyway) we talked 3 times alone, since i am here, mostly in the night in his house, where he lives with his wife and daughter. you could say these talkes where some kind of counseling. we get along well and i realized some things about me i didn't really want to accept for some time...but things are different now. everything changes. for the sessions i gave him a one hour, full body massage today. very intuitive and it was appreciated. giving the massage in a heated room made me sweat a lot...it felt good to sweat and it's very important for the detox as all the salts get washed out...i felt really good after that different kind of exercise. the last days i sprouted some sunflowers seeds and today i thought it's time to plant some of them, about 30 little sprouts, to make seedlings...please send out growing powers to them!...some sprouts i just put around the path near the waterfall and the pool...we'll see if they make it.
i am walking around a lot these days, more or less pain free. the terrain here is quite rough though, a lot up and down...put it is ok. although the knee is more swollen again, i guess it's due to the climate too.
definitly i will stick to meditating and moving more.
soon i can help blow up some stones in a mountain to built a mediation cave...i won't be here when it's finished but helping to built it will be fun too;) i've never blown up something.

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