07 October 2010

busy with

- sacred geometry
-"the all is mind: the universe is mental"
and preparing for my raw food experience in paragay. 3 days to go!!!
since i was waiting almost 3 weeks for an impotant letter from my lovely flatmate andrea in germany and a parcel from the states...i am happy now that all seems to come together before i leave, because yesterday it both arrived at the same time. what are the odds?
actually i was visualising the letter in the box for some days and bam, it was just there. the parcel my friend sent from the states only took like 5 days...the letter 3 weeks.mhmhmh
anyway, now i can pack up all the goodies i will take to the paradise:
e.g. sunflower and chia oil and seeds, sesame oil, some herbal tinctures, almonds, spirulina, water kefir, an enema bag;-), bardana (arcticum) and (bancha) green tea, alfalfa seeds for sprouting, coconut soap, essential oils, a body brush, many kisses from mariano and off i go...
10.10.2010 at around 10am my journey to a rawsome state of mind will officially start.
i am so curious what the following month will bring out in me; am i on a path of healing my mind, my soul, my spirit, my body? oh ya baby i am...

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