28 October 2010

liver cleanse and 3rd day of fasting

the 2nd liver cleaning yesterday went good, better then the first one. only 3 little stones came out. deep dark green ones. my liver seems to be quite clean;) but puh, i feel weak today. dizzy and without enegry...made some light stretching and pranayama in the morning, wich felt good. just finished an enema and will see what this day has in store for me...
well, 9 hours and 30min later:  this day included sunbathing, pool jumping, audibook ('who am i and if so how many') listening, intense siesta making and 3 liters of water. also i decided to avoid the internet while progressing with the fasting, i will retreat into my refuge. the writing online would be to much of a distraction...but i 'll be back friday the 5th of november with more details, an insight of a 10 day water fast.

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