17 October 2010

once i piked a card

    awareness is as nature - whole, spacious, free.
    is there some way in which you've 'collapsed' your conciousness and
    contracted your being? if we collapse our being into a thought or story of
    'me' and 'my life', or get caught in the endless mind-trap of trying to
    understand, we become the very thing we focus on. stop the story. stop
    asking why. stop trying to figure it out. stop blaming. stop wheelspinning.
    just stop!
    choose spaciouseness. soften the contraction; let your awareness expand
    spaciously in front of you, vastly behind, becoming free and open to all
    sides. rest as a vast, spacious, expansive presence ...
    your true essence. ask, 'who am i?''whose story is this?''what is this drama
    appearing in?'and let yourself fall into the wordless expanse of your
    own being.

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