04 February 2012

i am passionate about food and nature
i am a globetrotter
i am a journey walker
and right now i am in the middle of finishing art school.
can't get enough self-loving affirmations.
i need to stay focused and stop questioning.
am starting to read the sun food diet success again-
finally bought a diary/calendar;)
i am sitting in front of this mass of data, pictures i never ordered or showed.
on monday is the 2nd meeting with my professor.

Are we what we are?
For my  final art school project, I will present a mixed media project consisting of three elements: a documentary video, a series of photographs and a booklet. The topic of the project relates to my encounter and response to my own illness, a healing trip I undertook subsequently and the response I have developed.

The short documentary video will include a narrative of my journey through South America, as will interviews with raw food advocates. 

The Photographic material will also feature images from the ‘extended’ healing trip but will serve as a counterweight to the narrative of the video. It is intended to provide an insight into the somewhat metaphysical process of self discovery, evaluation and possible healing.

The booklet will put in a straight forward manner the actual ‘results’ of this reflective journey. It will serve as a road map for persons wishing to follow my steps and will include text, drawings and diagrams.

I am also considering an optional component of a performance action of self-imposed four weeklong Juice fast will be document on a daily basis and run in parallel with the presentation of the project.

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